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Party Games - *Children's Game
Balloon Pop!
Place notes inside uninflated balloons.
1, 2, or 3 notes should indicate the
balloon is a winner.
Inflate the balloons and hang them
Let each child pick a balloon
then pop it to see if their
note is a winner.
Sweet Fortune
(Adapted Music/Karaoke Version)
Kids & Grownups alike are crazy for sweets. This activity is a fun version of fortune telling that involves a flower vase and candy.
Have your guests grab a small handful of candy which will interpret their fortune according to the list below. Whichever color each guest has collected the most, will determine which style of song they will have to sing.
Red = Love (Love Song)
Pink = Friendship (Song relating to a friend(s)
or sung by a female artist
White = Popularity & Power (Pop or Rock & Roll Song)
Purple = Loneliness (Sad Song)
Green = Wishes (Cheerful Fun Song)
Blue = Wealth (A song which is or has been a success!
Next Line
(General Overview)
Pre record a number of well known songs. Play them back to your audience then pause at a crucial moment and have them sing the next line.
The first player to sing the correct words earns a point. The song is only paused when most people are able to identify it.
As seen on "Who's Line Is It Anyway?"

Stand Sit & Bend


Questions Only


Contestants each sing a verse of a 'hoedown' song on a given topic.
What's Missing *
Freeze Dance *