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Dee Lovely Entertainment

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Therapeutic DJ


We tried this event only a few times but were amazed at the responses.




"When I first heard about this, I couldn't imagine how bored I'd be. My wife insisted on hiring Dee Lovely Entertainment to host some crazy theme that just didn't make any sense to me. I hate to admit it but she was right and everything actually turned out ok. We requested this same event for another affair.


"I was a little skeptic at first but I'm glad I took a chance; You go girls!" 


"A nice change of pace and quite a relaxing atmosphere."


"One of a kind event provided by a DJ service."


"Thanks, that's just what I needed."




Looks as though this theme is here to stay. We tried it. We improved it. We perfected it!






Western Round-Up


This Event has only been done once.




"I didn't know until the end of the night that these girls have never done this western theme before; 'i'm impressed.' I think all went well and was surprised that they were able to provide this kind of music."




Because our client gave us the appropriate time needed to prepare, we were able to make this theme event a success. We had a great time and look forward to hosting another "Western Round-Up." 






Rock & Jock


This event has only been done once.




"Honestly, I was worried about girls hosting my party. I didn't think they could pull it off. It was a night remember and all had a good time." 






Club Bizarre


We tried this event only a few times but were amazed at the responses.




"I can't remember when I laughed this much. I'd definitely consider this theme for future parties."


"I don't know what was funnier, the music or the costumes."


"What a blast." 






Funny & Practical




"What can you really say about having fun? Well planned, funny jokes and alot of singers."


"It's kind of like The "Gong Show" but instead of being gonged or booed, it's like youre the star of the show."




Duty Calls! Dee Lovely Entertainment has yet another few "moments" to put together. 






L'Italiano Maniera




"A great tribute!"


I really appreciated the music from the old days."





Our Services


"Everyone loved the music. You're a lovely entertainer with remarkable vocal skills." I'd defintely recomend you!"

R&G Quinn - Anniversary/Retirement Party 



"My wife's 60th birthday was a huge success and the guests were well entertained. We can't thank you enough."

A.J. Dimino - 60th Birthday Party 



"I was very impressed with the selection of music and your style of performance. Almost everyone asked for your number and showed alot of interest in hiring you for their next event."

Bob & Judy Hayes - Engagement Party



"Your enthusiasm and professionalism shined through. Thanks for an outstanding performance."

Maryann Denona - Holiday Party 



"We all enjoyed the music and appreciated your honoring our special requests. We will gladly recommend your services."

K. Morales - Sweet 16 



"What a blast! Thanks for accomadating everyone's requests. You really made our day."

Rick & Margaret Burke - Family Reunion



"They played music that we wanted to hear, awesome! Women Dj's rule!"

Donna Parkson - Graduation Party 



"Thanks a bunch for an amazing job. Great music, loved the giveaways!"

R. Caravello - Communion Reception 



"Very professional! I'm still hearing about what a great job they did."

Mr. & Mrs. "J" - Wedding Reception 



"You were a hit with the kids, they're still talking about Ally's Party."

Fran Degregoria - Sweet 16